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If you're looking for al shape sofa design, you may have heard of SAN furniture. This retail brand specializes in all types of home furniture from chests of drawers to bedroom furniture sofa sets to beds to mattresses and custom furniture in Dubai

An L-shaped sofa can be described as an incredibly relaxing variant of a long sofa that has an extended seat. Seats can be set on the right or left side of the sofa for an optimal comfort and ergonomic positioning. The majority of L-shaped sofas come with three seats. They can also be further enhanced by adding additional accessories that can increase the comfort level. The options include backrests or armrests as well as cup holders. Here are a few points to take into consideration before making your final decision.

The most important thing to think about when selecting an L shape sofa is the way it will be placed in the room. It must not hinder any major entry points to the room, such as doors, windows, or hallways. It is possible to put the L-shaped sofa on an obstruction to create the most space for your floor, or place it in the middle of the room to facilitate watching television. Be sure to leave enough space behind the sofa to allow to accommodate foot circulation.

An U-shaped living area to create a relaxing seating arrangement right in front of the fireplace. You can also combine your L-shaped sofa and an armchair or small sofa or coffee table to create an elegant sectional. You can also benefit from the versatility offered by an L-shaped sectional when you purchase the Jasmina set that consists of an ottoman and a sofa. They can be used together or separately to make a large sectional that is shaped like an L.